What can cause an STD?

 What can cause an STD?

This may seem like a straightforward question to some, but it actually comes with many nuances. Although “sexually transmitted” is in the name, it is possible to get a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) without sexual activity. 

Starting off simple with sex. 

Sexual activity is obviously the most common medium for an STD. Anytime a penis penetrates an orifice such as the vagina or anus there is some risk of an STD being passed along. This is because these activities involve the swapping of bodily fluids in which STDs can survive. Even oral sex can transmit STDs through the mouth’s saliva. 

The swapping of body fluids is what introduces risks to other sexual activities. It’s possible for fluid from the vagina or anus to get onto the hands which could accidentally be transmitted into the body. Pre-cum is dangerous in this regard as it could get on the hands without notice. 

If I’m not sexually active then am Isafe? 

Unfortunately, you can still be at risk. The danger arises primarily from the risk of mixing blood. So even if you aren’t sexually active, you should be careful to not allow others blood to come in contact with the inside of your body. Don’t worry about mosquitos, as they’re incapable of carrying the STDs. 

So do I have to constantly live in fear of STDs? 

Finally the good news. It’s not as hard to protect yourself from STDs as it may seem. If you choose not to be sexually active then all the protection you need is to stay away from sharing needles and other’s blood. 

If you do choose to be sexually active then the best thing you can do is practice safe sex. Wearing a condom will prevent the spread of most STDs. However, if you’re determined to not use one, then make sure you know your partner is STD free. The best way to do this is to find and schedule an STD test through the SAFE app, and import your results onto the app. Then you can privately share these results with each other to be sure that your partner is STD free. 

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