SAFE Love Don’t Cost a Thing

 SAFE Love Don’t Cost a Thing

Sex is pretty great, but what’s better than sex?! Safe sex, of course. And, with the opportunity to get free condoms from a variety of sources, safe sex shouldn’t really cost you anything. 

If you are in high school hit up the school nurse, or a guidance counselor not only for free condoms, but also for some good resources on safe sex in general. If your health or sex ed class left something to be desired, these are good adults to turn to for advice in the area of getting it on. 

If you’re in college your health clinic, collegiate nurse or physician are also a great resource. Your college health clinic shouldn’t even require an appointment, and pro tip there’s likely a free bowl of condoms waiting for you in the lobby. 

Actually, college overall has a lot of places to pick up free condoms, unless you go to a religious school, and then you might have to get extra resourceful. Otherwise, check your dorm, your frat, your sorority, and even the gym. Colleges and universities know that now is the time to explore your sexual side, and there’s nothing wrong with that– particularly if you are doing it responsibly. 

If you live in California, you can have free condoms mailed directly to you. You can also just search your zip code and find free condoms near you:  Don’t live in Cali? Have no fear, Bedsider will help you track down free condoms across the nation by entering your zipcode:

Planned Parenthood will never fail to provide you free condoms. Actually, if you have an exam or a test with them they will likely hand you a huge brown paper bag chock full of condoms on your way out the door. 

Above all else, congrats on making the choice to use a condom! Condoms are your best defense against STDs and STIs when making the choice to get it on… putting one on is the way to go.

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