Welcome to SAFE

 Welcome to SAFE

Safe Group, Inc. is an innovative virtual healthcare company that leverages technology to reduce the spread of STDs, facilitate care for those afflicted, and generate novel epidemiological data regarding sexual health.  The major goals of the company are to: measure people’s sexual health status; educate people regarding sexual health issues; and empower people to take control of their sexual health.  These three goals will be accomplished with the SAFE App: a free smartphone application that allows users to privately share their verified STI status, facilitate testing for STDs, and provide users with comprehensive and accurate information regarding sexual health.

The SAFE App is available for download from the App Store. Users can import their results from previous tests, or find and schedule an appointment to get tested at over 30,000 facilities nationwide.  The App connects directly to the medical records of the labs, from which results are automatically imported via secure, encrypted transactions. There is zero human intervention, preventing potential for human error or fraud.  A user’s STD status is never shared or displayed, other than through the HIPAA-compliant, password protected App, on their own phone, and only with whom they actively choose to show it.

The goal of the Safe Health blog is to foster discussions on current issues in sexual health between SAFE App members, and physicians. Welcome, we look forward to your insightful discussion and feedback!

Ryan R. Williams, M.D., Ph.D.

Chief Medical Officer

The Safe Group, Inc.

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